Generate additional revnue

Earn extra income through a Magic Mirror via event booking fees or chargeable prints. Charge a fixed fee of £350 per event usage or print cost of £4 per print.

Expect to generate £30k – £60k in your first annual year delivering £7k – £16k profit.

Unique USP for your venue

Stand out from the crowd and give your customers another reason to visit you!

“Have you seen the Magic Mirror they have”
“Shall we visit there, they have a Magic Mirror”
“Is that the place with a Magic Mirror”
“Let’s go there instead, they have a Magic Mirror”

Branding & Sponsorship Opportunities

Deliver brand awareness for self promotion or third party promotion. Branding can be applied through the product, prints, or software

Photo Branding

Brand your photos with custom templates

Social Media Sharing

Integrate with Facebook, Twitter, E-Mail

Software branding

Branded interactive experience

Product Branding

Wrap your Magic Mirror in branded PVC skins


Rather than outsourcing a rental supplier, sign up to our revenue​ share program to take advantage of all the benefits of our Magic Photo Mirror, with zero risk.