Magic Party Mirror
Perfect for hospitality: Hotels, Bars, Clubs & more
Magic Party Mirror
Perfect for hospitality: Hotels, Bars, Clubs & more

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About the Magic Party Mirror

The Magic Photo Mirror launched by Photobooths in 2016 is rapidly growing in popularity across both commercial businesses and rental operators across the UK.

Known as “the latest innovation in the photo booth industry”, the Magic Photo Mirror is able to capture full-length instant photos, and deliver through print or social media.

Not only does the Magic Photo Mirror provide great entertainment for your customers, but also offers huge commercial benefits to your business:

What is the Magic Party Mirror?

The Magic Party Mirror is a large, yet lightweight, self-encased Magic Mirror, providing a unique and interactive experience. Enjoyable for all ages, its perfect for use at any special occasion, from Weddings to Christmas parties. Guests can approach the mirror, touch the screen and take an instant full length 6×4″ photo fully customised with a personal message, border, or logo.

Features of the Magic Party Mirror

Touch Screen

The huge reflective Magic Party Mirror is also a large interactive touch screen. Guests can touch the screen to initiate the mirror, take a photo, and even use the on screen digital paint pad to sign their name. There is also a game of

Instant Prints

After photos have been taken, they can be printed in colour or black or white using the instant dye-sub printer, enclosed within the Mirror. Prints take less than 10 seconds to dispatch.

Endless Branding options

The Magic Party Mirror can be branded externally and internally. The product itself can be wrapped in a fully branded PVC skin. The software can be branded with custom animations and sounds, and all prints can be branded with photo templates and logos.

Synchronise with Social Media

Link your Magic Party Mirror so social media using the social share URL. All photos are live streamed to a custom cloud domain for guests to email, facebook upload, or tweet.

Benefits of the Magic Party Mirror

Generate additional revenue

Earn revenue through rental agreements or chargeable prints

Incredible ROI

Quickly return investment costs (most will succeed within the first 12 months)

FREE brand awareness

Apply your logo to your photographs for brand recognition when printed or uploaded online

Increase online buzz through social media

Individual photos or albums can be uploaded to social media channels to deliver mass through photo tagging, sharing, likes, and commenting.

Unique USP for your venue

Give your guests something extra to remember you by.